Mr. Krishnamurthy Subramanian
Chief Economic Advisor (CEA) to the Govt. of India

Meeting the Chief Economic Advisor to the Government of India was an enriching experience for the Millennium Mams’. The interaction took place over a webinar wherein Mr. Krishnamurthy Subramanian discussed the impact of COVID – 19 on different sectors in India including agriculture. His dynamism reflected in the ways he suggested we could see the economy come back on track if the right measures were applied in the face of this hardship. Read more

Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma
Founder and CEO of Paytm

A household name for one and all, Mr. Vijay Shekhar Sharma graced the forum as he shared his experiences and his personal journey from his education in a Hindi medium school in Aligarh to his exponential rise in the business world after he revolutionized digital payments in India with PayTM. His speech was motivational and inspiring as he shared insights on leadership, team building and highlighted his fearless ways of dealing with failure. What was especially heartwarming was his simplicity and immense humility in the face of such unparalleled success. Read more

Mr. Sanjiv Mehta
Chairman & MD - Hindustan Unilever

Hindustan Unilever is a brand that needs no introduction and the man behind this banner, Mr. Sanjiv Mehta graced the platform by sparing his valuable time to share his mantras with the Mams’. He shared his learnings that have enabled HUL to remain a leader for over 8 decades! He also discussed the GSK acquisition, impact of COVID-19 on the industry and his perspective on what the future holds for this multi-starrer brand. He reinstated his learnings by sharing a message for all Millennium Mams’ to believe in ourselves and to dream big! Read more

Mr. Nitin Gadkari
Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Minister of MSME - Govt. of India

The session with Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Minister of MSME, Government of India; marked a golden chapter in the history of Millennium Mams’. Spreading the knowledge in financial literacy, he highlighted that MSMEs are the backbone of the country, contributing about 29 % of GDP growth and the measures that the Government is adopting to support this sector. He pointed out how this pandemic is a crisis but should be seen as an opportunity for this industry to upgrade technology, increase exports, reduce imports and make it a win-win situation for our prosperity. His vivid depiction of the future ahead for India was an awe-inspiring experience. Read more

Mr. Ajay & Swati Piramal
Dynamic Duo - Mr. Ajay and Dr. Swati - The Peerless Piramals

A duo that warmed our hearts and opened our minds with their session! Mr. Ajay Piramal and Dr. Swati Piramal mark the epitome of achievement in some ways while staying grounded with their deep spiritual roots. They graced our forum with an online interactive session. Dr. Swati Piramal is blessed with a rich “Portfolio of Life” and believes in being joyful in everything she does and believes in doing things creatively. She is a constant learner and fosters partnerships that are sure to prosper. She advised all women to reach for the stars! Mr. Ajay Piramal highlighted how the Bhagwat Gita has permeates into all aspects of his life. He crisply described the concept of “Trusteeship” that he eagerly believes in. His crisp three mantras for being a successful businessman are : Look beyond the headlines, be open minded and stay conservative with finances. Read more

Mary Buffet
Author / Speaker

Mary Buffett is considered the world’s leading authority in the subject of Warren Buffett’s investment methods. She shared many first hand anecdotes on The Oracle of Omaha and interacted keenly with our members deepening our understanding of his principles in investments. While talking about investing in funds and equities, she also shared an inspiring message in which she highlighted the importance of investing in ourselves, especially as women. Read more

Mr. Hector Garcia & Francesc Miralles
Author - Ikigai & Ichigo Ichie

An off-beat interaction, this one was a mega event, nonetheless as authors Mr. Hector Garcia from Tokyo and Francesc Miralles from Barcelona spoke on various concepts from their books, Ikigai and Ichigo Ichie. The members had interesting questions to raise covering various topics such as mindfulness, creativity and lost opportunities. Their answers to each of these questions were insightful. It was a delightful session for the book-worms in our group! Read more

Indra Nooyi
Former Chairman & CEO of PepsiCo and Member of the Board of Directors at Amazon

Indra Nooyi, the name created a ripple effect of excitement and the webinar with her was indeed, very popular amongst the Millennium Mams’. Former Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo and current Director at Amazon, this dynamic leader struck a chord as she shared her life experiences and her journey in the corporate world. She highlighted the importance of being a life-long student and shared inspiring stories to emphasize that competition should be based on merit, not gender. Her appreciation of our platform was humbling. Read more

Mr. Mohnish Pabrai & Mr. Ramesh Damani
The Kings of the Investment World

Mr. Mohnish Pabrai, CEO of Pabrai Funds and Mr. Ramesh Damani, Ramesh Damani Finance Ltd., took time out for an enriching and insightful session with the Mams’. Knowledge about investments and financial literacy was deeply enhanced through this session as Mr. Pabrai shared interesting stories from his decade old association with Mr. Warren Buffett, and Mr. Damani shared his insights on the current state of affairs in the country and its impact on the economy. Mr. Pabrai spoke on the various benefits of cloning. The value of good businesses and many other topics along the lines of investments in equities. Mr. Damani went on to extrapolate on the sectors and industries which may stand to benefit from the pandemic. The session was extremely enriching and the Mams’ had keen take-aways from the two stalwarts. Read more

Mr. Anand Kumar
Selfless Educator

A much-loved custom of Millennium Mams’, the Teachers Day celebrations this year had over a thousand women virtually applauding the contributions of the visionary, the wizard and the selfless educator, Mr Anand Kumar who is the real hero of ‘Super 30’. Nuggets of life lessons were extracted from him by the Indian journalist, RJ, talk show host, author and editor, Richa Anirudh who also took questions from the audience to unveil interesting facets of his inspiring journey. Experiences of his par excellence students beautifully blended with the heartfelt gratitude expressed by the mams’ to their beloved teachers Dhanuka Sir and Bhuwania Sir. Read more

Mr. Narayana Murthy
Founder, Infosys

The milestone session of Millennium Mams’ had Mr Narayan Murthy who shared his thoughts on myriad topics like start-ups, participation of women in the corporate world, professional principles and on life and its values. A visionary, an industrialist and a philanthropist who leads by example has changed the face of the Indian IT industry. With the belief to change the world in ways that we have not yet imagined, the co-founder of Infosys, a global leader in digital services and consulting, also spoke about the power of the internet especially with the amount of information available and the massive advancements made in the technology space today. In a nutshell, this session with its takeaways was a gift to the audience. Read more

Mr. Vivek Gambhir
Leader at Godrej

It was indeed a remarkable interaction with one of the leading man behind India’s 123 years young company – Mr Vivek Gambhir. He spoke at length about leadership and its responsibilities. As a leader at Godrej, he has always made sure to derive the best from himself and others in pursuit of a common purpose. Mr Gambhir threw light on how Godrej took quick action to innovate, research and launch multiple products during the pandemic, which were the need of the hour. He also said that this pandemic during is like a dress rehearsal for more to come. He reiterated that the cost of no action is much higher when compared to making mistakes. He concluded the session with key a advise – time to complain is over, it’s now the corporates and the individuals responsibility to give back with a purpose. Read more

Mr. Harsh Mariwala
Founder and Chairman of Marico

The man behind India’ 2 big  FMCG names, Parachute and Saffola oil – Mr Harsh Mariwala, in an exclusive interaction with the members of Millennium Mams’ shared the journey of his company from Bombay oil Industries to Marico. He spoke at length about how intensely he worked on making the 2 brands – names to reckon with. Along with key focus on innovation and investing in brand building, Mariwala focused on establishing a company culture to empower employees. After Marico’s successful international entry in 1990, the company has built a portfolio of brands in the hair care, skin care, edible oils, health foods, male grooming, and fabric care space. Its major brands include Saffola, Parachute, Hair & Care, Nihar, Livon, Set Wet, Mediker and Revive. In the year 2003, Mr. Mariwala founded the Marico Innovation Foundation (MIF), which is focused on supporting sustainable businesses. Here, innovations from across Indian business industry and social causes are picked by a jury. A dynamic leader with a multi- decade experience, acted as a catalyst to trigger off the entrepreneurial bug in a couple of our mams. Read more

Mr. Abhiraj Singh Bhal
Founder of Urban Company

ALL THINGS ARE CREATED TWICE – Urban Company (formerly UrbanClap), a venture started by three young men is now a household name that offers professional home beauty and wellness services along with home maintenance and repair services. It has expanded its operations to several Indian cities and international markets with a vision to organize the home services industry. Millennium Mams’ felt privileged to host the co-founder of Urban Company, Mr. Abhiraj Singh Bhal to their online platform of enthralling conversations and discussions. What followed was an insightful session on entrepreneurship shared through his entrepreneurial journey. “Great ideas are clear in hindsight”, this is what drove Mr. Abhiraj Bhal and his co-founders to successfully pursue the concept of Urban Company with the belief that contrarian thinking leads to large outcomes. According to him, self-belief, passion and long term thinking were some of the key ingredients for setting up the promising venture. Read more

Mr. Ridham Desai
MD of Morgan Stanley

Consistently ranked amongst the best equity strategists and analysts in the country, Mr. Ridham Desai, Managing Director of Morgan Stanley India is someone whose point of view is most sought-after by investors. It was indeed a great pleasure for Millennium Mams’ to converse with him in a webinar. According to him, “Investing in Equities is all about duration. Money made in the short run is due to luck”. Despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic, he is bullish on the India story. He believes that trading with the world is essential if India wants to match the ranks of wealthy nations. These were some of the many insights that Mr. Desai shared with the attendees to make them better equipped to make investment decisions. Read more

Mr. Mohit Malhotra
CEO of Dabur India Ltd.

Mr. Mohit Malhotra is CEO of Dabur India Ltd. and is driving the Company’s agenda to make Ayurveda mainstream and joined us for a webinar in November 2020. He helped decode the Indian consumption story with its favourable inputs like a young demographic, large working class, lower savings, aspirational rural consumers and lower penetration. One of the top four FMCG companies, Dabur is focusing on healthcare and launching new products. Covid proved to be an inflection point that has led to rebranding, repackaging and innovation across the board. He also emphasised that Covid made the company realise that a discretionary portfolio isn’t enough. It is important to move towards staple products as viewed by customers. He also highlighted the major emerging trends post the pandemic and Dabur’s future plans, thereby providing fantastic insights into building a formidable consumer business. Read more

Sister Shivani
Brahma Kumari

The spiritual wing of Millennium Mams’ follows the teachings of Sister Shivani. On 28th September 2020, Brahma Kumari Shivani graced the forum with her virtual presence. She emphasized the importance of values and principles in one’s life. She also explained that competing and comparing with others leads to depletion of one’s energy. Listening to her speak exclusively for mams’ motivated many to understand that Sanskar (values and principles) makes Sanskriti (culture) and Sanskriti makes Sansar (world). Read more

Mr. Sanjiv Puri
Chairman and MD of ITC Ltd.

From ITC’s Aashirvaad aata to Classmate notebooks and Fiama Di Wills range of bath products, ITC is an integral part of every household and we were delighted to have Mr. Sanjiv Puri, Chairman & MD of ITC Limited grace the platform with some thought-provoking insights about the existing state of different industries and the economy pre and post Covid-19. Contagiously optimistic about the future of India, Mr. Puri spoke about how businesses must serve a larger purpose by empowering rural communities or by creating world class Indian brands that create greater value for the customers. He went on to elaborate on consumer trends during the pandemic, how ITC conducted itself during this time and what was their approach when there were no fresh investments in the economy. The entire forum at Millennium Mams was grateful to get an opportunity to study such a world class brand and their business module in detail. Read more

Ms. Lauren C. Templeton
Founder & President, Templeton and Phillips Capital Management, LLC

On the occasion of Millenium Mams’ 51st event, they had the pleasure of interacting and learning about strategic investment during the pandemic from Lauren C. Templeton, Founder & President, Templeton and Phillips Capital Management, LLC. Lauren is the great-niece of Sir John M. Templeton and is a current member of the John M. Templeton Foundation, the Templeton World Charities Foundation and a Trustee of Templeton Religion Trust. In 2001, Lauren launched her company, Templeton Capital Management, which dedicates its efforts to the practice of value investing across the global markets. Having been a part of the Templeton legacy, Lauren started young and was groomed in the art of value investing by her father. Lauren has Co-authored ‘Investing the Templeton Way: The Market-Beating Strategies of Value Investing’s Legendary Bargain Hunter’ and in the session, with Millennium Mams’ she spoke about adopting a virtuous investment strategy that will endure in all market conditions. With the pandemic hitting us and changing investments around the globe, the members wanted to know whether value investing will hold good in these unprecedented economic conditions. If so, how does one find a company with a bright prospect? They also wanted to know what stocks to buy and what kind of investments should they make during the pandemic. Lauren’s lessons and solutions were truly insightful and helpful during this global crisis. Read more

Héctor García & Francesc Miralles

We have all read ‘Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life’ by Héctor García & Francesc Miralles. Our excitement knew no bounds when the second part came along – ‘The Ikigai Journey: A Practical Guide to Finding Happiness and Purpose the Japanese Way’. The authors have taken their international bestseller, ‘Ikigai’ a step forward in ‘The Ikigai Journey’ by showing us how to find our Ikigai through practical experiences such as employing new habits and stepping outside our comfort zone. It was an honour for all the book lovers at Millennium Mams’ to have Francesc Miralles grace the forum and speak about ‘The Ikigai Journey’ and what the life-changing book was all about. As we embarked on this empowering journey with Francesc he elaborated on accelerating our quality of thoughts to achieve our goals earlier and visualizing every aspect of the process to the last detail. The master guide and dynamic author stressed the importance of bullet train thinking to reboot our minds for success and enjoy a balanced life. As Francesc threw light on the book, he unlocked simple secrets we can all use to live long, meaningful, happy lives. The Mams’ were filled with energy, positivity, enthusiasm and took away tools to discover the best versions of themselves after the wonderful session with Francesc. Read more

Mr. Vikram Sampath

Millennium Mams’ got an opportunity to learn about Indian history, classical Indian music history, the life of the legendary Gauhar Jaan, the most successful female musician of her time and the early days of recording music from renowned Author Vikram Sampath. In the session, he spoke in detail about the history, not in a textbook way but made it supremely inspiring and interesting for all the members. Vikram Sampath, an MBA in finance writes books that belong to the narrative non-fiction category and deal with historical themes. It is by going into “the heart of things” that one experiences history as something which happened to people like ourselves, and that, in turn, reveals the relevance of that history for us today. There is no end to learning for the Mams’ and they were elated as they learnt about history, music, art and culture which are close to Vikram’s heart. The book ‘My Name is Gauhar Jaan: The Life and Times of a Musician’ is a commendable effort by the author to put up so many facts dated over 100 years back. During the discussion with the members, he spoke about the enigmatic legend in Indian music history, Gauhar Jaan and presented a view of the socio-historical context of Indian music and theatre during that period. The session was loved and thoroughly enjoyed by all the music connoisseurs. Read more

Ms. Harriet Green
CEO & Chair of IBM Asia Pacific (2018-2020)

The members of Millennium Mams’ are always eager to learn from eminent personalities that help broaden their horizons and knowledge in different fields of business. It was a fantastic opportunity for the entire platform as they interacted with Harriet Green, CEO & Chair of IBM Asia Pacific from 2018-2020. A global executive who has led business transformations on four continents, has a proven track record for developing and implementing strategies for profitable growth and increasing shareholder value in global technology, logistics, travel and consumer sectors. Harriet was also recognised by LinkedIn as a LinkedIn Influencer, and in 2020 she was announced as a LinkedIn Top Voice. It was enriching for the members to know about her three passions that shaped her journey as a business leader over the last three decades: solving complex business problems; creating environments of deep inclusion and building cultures that embrace lifelong learning and reinvention, including ensuring the new skills the world needs. Watch the video as she speaks about the importance of diversity and inclusion in a Company and achieving gender balance as a CEO & Chair of IBM Asia Pacific. Harriet dreams of aspiring leaders across all generations, genders and geographies. She most definitely uplifted our beliefs and work ethics. Read more

Ms. Leena Nair
Chief Human Resource Officer, Unilever

Established over 100 years ago, Unilever is one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies. Known for their great brands, global footprint and their belief in doing business the right way. Millennium Mams’ got the opportunity to have an interactive session with Leena Nair who is the first female, first Asian, youngest ever Chief Human Resource Officer of Unilever and member of the Unilever Leadership Executive! A global inspiration to millions of women through her leadership style and well-crafted decisions, Leena ensures the company has the right people, in the right roles, with the right capabilities and mindset to deliver high business performance that enables Unilever to meet its ambitious business growth with environmental and positive social impact. She also heads the Diversity and Inclusion agenda for the organisation ensuring that its workforce is truly diverse and inclusive. A trailblazer, she spoke about her purpose which is to ignite the human spark to build better businesses and a better world. Leena’s thirst for excellence, 100% commitment to work and go-getter attitude despite being in the business for 3 decades stirred up our spirits and how! Leena gave the Mams’ fresh perspective of life with covid and how to sell through it like a winner. The 3 things she spoke about was how covid is impacting the global economy, the consumers and the employees and jobs. It was truly an exhilarating session with this proud mom, who also spoke about leadership, public speaking and personal growth. Read more