Cement Conclave 2019

Millennium Mams’ hosted a Cement Conclave in 2019. Cement giants of North and South India – Shree Cements and Ramco cements graced the panel. Millennium Mams’ president Ms. Rachna Prasad was accompanied by Mr. Hari Mohan Bangur of Shree Cement and Mr. AV Dharma Krishnan, CEO, Ramco Cements. The scions of cement Industry shared excellent insights. While Mr. Dharma Krishnan felt that there would be robust demand for cement consumption due to infrastructure push by both Centre and State governments, Mr. Bangur of Shree cement opined that in North India there might be a demand supply mismatch in next 3 years.

The duo went on to answer varied questions put forth by the members. The questions ranged from Capacity expansion, branding of cement as a commodity, government interventions, de-risking of business, leadership lessons and so much more. The endearing part of the entire session was that they were both giants from the same industry and yet they both learn from each other and have mutual respect for each other in their respective journeys to create even greater value.

Members were rewarded with amazing lessons, on industry, leadership and humility.